P.O. Box 620
55 South Harbor PL. Waukegan, IL 60079-0620
REVISED – August 2017

Waukegan Port District sells fuel at this facility and there are tanks and containers in various locations with various quantities of liquids that, if not properly handled, could result in a “spill”. Therefore, Waukegan Port District has created this spill response plan for the unlikely event of a spill situation at or near the facility.

Waukegan Port District has placed fuel absorbent materials at each service center, each fuel dock and the maintenance building. These materials are available for use in the event of any spill.

This Spill Response Plan provides the practical steps to be taken to respond to a spill within the vicinity of the facility. Waukegan Port District, 55 South Harbor Pl., Waukegan Illinois (hereinafter referred to as W.P.D.)

OBJECTIVE: This plan provides information for the immediate protection in the event of a “spill” of W.P.D.’s customers, employees, independent contractors, visitors and guests as well as the environment and surrounding waters in accordance with Federal, State and Local Regulations.