2021 Rules and Regulations of Waukegan Harbor & Marina

1. No swimming in the Marina: This is for the safety of you and your guests. Beach passes are available at the front desk.
2. Marina Shore Power Connections: The Marina requires every Slip Tenant to use shore power cords that are designed for use in a marine environment, rated to carry the necessary amperage for the intended marine use, having locking connectors at each end and be waterproof the entire length of the cord. Vessels, dock walkways and finger piers which are determined by the Marina to have inadequate, inventive or otherwise dangerous wiring, shall be removed by the Marina, and damage to the Marina shall be repaired, with all costs of repair charged to the Slip Tenant. Modification of electrical pedestals on dock walkways and finger piers is strictly prohibited. Installation of electrical lighting on dock walkways or finger piers is strictly prohibited.
3. All walkways/head walks must be kept clear of equipment, tools, personal belongings, dinghies, rafts, bikes, mopeds, lawn furniture, decorations, appliances, jet skis, inflatables, etc. Any such items are to be stored onboard your vessel or in your dock box.
4. Riding or operating any bicycle, moped, skateboard or other vehicle is prohibited anywhere on the docks.
5. All boats shall be operated at “No Wake” speed within the Marina.
6. No “Non – Marina” items such as pool noodles, rags, etc. on pilings, docks, or other areas. Only Marine quality items may be installed with management’s approval.
7. The period between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. are designated quiet hours in the Marina. Boaters will refrain from entertaining or using radios, etc. above decks after 10:00 p.m. for the peace and comfort of all Slip Tenants. During the day, entertainment and music must be kept at a reasonable level, at the sole discretion of Management, so as not to disturb other boaters.
8. No part of a boat may extend over the dock walkway or into the navigation channel. Management reserves the right to move or retie any boat tied in a way deemed unacceptable by Management for Marina safety.
Vessel length includes all additions such as bowsprits, swim platforms, anchors, etc. No part of the boat may extend beyond the length of the slip. Management may measure Vessels after occupancy. Boats deemed by Management to extend beyond acceptable slip limits will be reassigned to a proper size slip, with the boat owner being responsible for the difference in slip fees.
9. Waukegan Port District assumes no liability for the boats or property of its customers. Boaters MUST PROVIDE CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE with the Waukegan Port District named as additional insured on the Vessel’s liability policy AND MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF OWNERSHIP TO THE MARINA PRIOR TO OCCUPYING THE SLIP.
10. Boat owners are liable for the repair or replacement of Marina facilities damaged by them, their guests or their boat
whether the boat was under the control of the owner or not.
11. All Vessels kept in the Marina must be seaworthy and capable of meeting all coast guard requirements for Vessels of the type. The Marina reserves the right to remove any Vessel not deemed seaworthy or hazardous to other boats, boaters or property at the owner’s expense.
12. In the event that a Slip Tenant’s Vessel is partially or totally submerged in its slip, mooring or at any location within the
confines of the Marina, including entrances and channels thereto, the Slip Tenant shall commence salvage activities within twenty-four (24) hours’ notice by the Marina to the Slip Tenant of the partial or total submersion of the Vessel. Failure to commence salvage activities within the prescribed time the Marina, at its option, may salvage the Vessel and charge all costs of salvage, removal and storage of the Vessel to the Slip Tenant.
13. If, during the Slip Tenant’s absence, the Slip Tenant’s Vessel is observed to be on fire, partially or totally submerged in its slip, mooring, or at any location within the confines of the Marina, including entrances and channels thereto, the Slip Tenant grants the Marina the absolute right to enter in or upon the Vessel to douse any fire and attempt any salvage that it deems reasonably safe and practicable. The Slip Tenant waives, releases and holds harmless the Waukegan Port District from all damage incurred to the Vessel while attempting salvage and agrees to reimburse the Waukegan Port District for all costs associated with efforts to salvage the Vessel.
14. Only service vendors who have registered and provided a Certificate of Insurance to Management may perform work on boats located in the Marina. Owners or their immediate families may perform normal in the water maintenance on their boat. A waiver of liability and vendor rules must also be signed by each service vendor. For a list of properly insured vendors, please contact Management.
l5. Slips are leased for the boating season listed in the leasing contract. Renewal of a slip, and slip selection is at the decision of Management. All efforts will be made to accommodate specific slip requests, however slip reassignment may occur at any time during the season.
16. A slip is leased to the owner(s) named on the leasing contract for the boat shown on the contract and it does not transfer with the sale of the boat.
17. The only Vessel to be in a slip is the Vessel registered to the slip. Dinghies or other recreational equipment must be stored within the confines of the space leased or on the deck of the boat. They cannot be stored on or under the docks at any time.
18. All boaters who will have their boat out of the marina overnight are asked to inform Management of the period of vacancy. The Marina reserves the right to use the slip in question for transient dockage at any time the Management shows the boat to have been out for 48 hours.
19. Only items approved by or installed by Marina staff shall be attached to the piers. Approval will be based upon the adaptability of the item to the slip and the effect it has upon the aesthetics of the slip area or any possible adverse effect on the pier structure.
20. Every slip is equipped with one dock box at no additional expense. You are responsible for any damage resulting from abuse or neglect. Dock boxes may not be marked, personalized, painted or have any decal affixed to them. Storage of any flammable or hazardous substances within the dock box is strictly prohibited. Nothing may be attached to the exterior of the box. Slips and dock equipment may NOT be modified.
21. No lines may be attached from the center mooring pile to the head walk on the floating docks.
22. No commercial activity of any type is allowed within the Marina except with the written permission of Management.
23. All fish cleaning is to be done at the public fish cleaning stations.
24. Charcoal grilling is not allowed on the docks; however, gas and electric grilling are permitted. You must clean up all waste, grease spills, etc. afterward.
25. Pets are to be exercised only in marked areas, and owners are expected to clean up after their pet. Dogs are to be leashed at all times within Marina facilities.
26. Waste oil is not permitted in Marina trash containers. Waste oil dumping facilities are located on the Marina property for your convenience. Please contact Marina staff during business hours for disposal guidelines.
27. Boaters are responsible for transporting their garbage and other refuse to the receptacles provided.
28. Discharge of sewage in the Marina is strictly prohibited.
29. Spray painting on or near the water is strictly prohibited.
30. No selling, advertising or activities related to re-selling of boats is permitted within the Marina without written consent of Management.
31. No fueling of any kind is to be done at your slip. All fueling must be done at the fuel dock with fuel dock attendant present.

Rules are subject to change at any time without notice and updates will be posted on the Marina website.