Meet Joe Seidelmann - Marina General Manager


Joe has over 20 years in the boating industry with a background in all areas of service and operations. Growing up on the shores of Lake Michigan, his love of the water drew him to work as closely as possible to the lake. He started his career at Northpoint marina at the age of 16 in the position of maintenance and customer relations to a community of over 1300 boaters. He quickly decided the marina industry was where he wanted to stay and has been training and advancing in his field ever since. He has been working in Waukegan since 2005 managing various departments and served as harbormaster for the port from 2014 until his promotion to general manager in 2017. Since becoming a part of the F3 marina team, Joe has been able to utilize his skills on a broader scale and looks forward to assisting in future developments of the property and the within the division.

General Manager

Joe Seidelmann